Make sure to eliminate any slack from the print paper. The proven roll-type technology and a special coating on the thermal head ensure high reliability and durability Resolution: Die Kombination von kontaktbasiertem und [ Cleaning is not required when: It does not match my search. Make sure to insert the paper straight.

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Mitsubishi CK9069 CP9600DW 9×6 Media Kit

The version, presented at Cartes in Paris, contains [ When it is abraded, it becomes hard to print out fine details of the picture. Die folgenden Werte sind definiert: Pack the unit with all the accessories ink ribbon, print paper, ink cassette, and paper flanges removed. Mitsjbishi sure to check the accessories. It does not match my search. Wait until the head cools before cleaning the thermal head.

If pprinter prints are not removed, a paper jam may occur. If the prints are not removed frequently, a paper jam may cause. If dew is formed, printing is not possible. Press again to turn off power. NOTE It is recommended to remove the prints stacked on the paper catcher frequently. When taking the print paper out, pull it up toward you. After the ongoing printing at the time this button is pressed is completed, the printing process is canceled.


NOTE Place the ink cassette on a flat surface, when loading the ink ribbon. Handle it with care. Push down the ink cassette as shown by the arrow 1 and pull it out. Then turn on the power again.

When putting the unit on the system rack, take a space between the unit and the back and sides of the rack. Du ri n g dye-sublimation printing t h e achievement of a percent accuracy of colours is impossible, likewise fluctuations of t h e dye-sublimation printing r e su lts may appear [ Contrary to the current available solutions that already include modules for re-transfer printing and.

Otherwise, your finger will be injured.

In the European Union there are separate collection systems for used electrical and electronic product. Notify when in stock.

Mitsubishi Electric CPDW photo printer |

All places of operation are characterised by their connection to the public low voltage power supply system. Je nach Modell und Ausstattungsvariante werden die Plastikkarten i m.

When using the unit on the system rack, be sure to keep this ambient temperature inside the rack. Cp9600vw the parts indicated by the arrows and pull the printer straight up.


Mitsubishi CK 9×6 Media Kit – Roskerr Limited

Die Kombination von kontaktbasiertem und. Then close the door again.

Align the arrows marked on the sides of ink cassette with those on the unit. Updating shopping cart, please wait They may be discolored because of chemical reaction.

See the next page for the installation of this paper catcher. When the print paper with the post card printing on its reverse side is installed, repeat five times.

It is the first solution for the instant issuance market with a.