The Dimage Scan Dual uses a special fluorescent light source, producing strong spectral peaks in the red, green, and blue portions of the spectrum. It’s not fancy like new model but does very decent job. Easy to understand controls make the scanner simple to operate even for beginners. Pages with related products. Open the door halfway again and insert the rack loaded with slides.

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As noted several times already, we feel that Minolta has done a particularly good job of balancing capability with ease-of-use. With two carriers, you can scan 60 to 70 slides per hour.

The minolha unit can scan 35mm negatives or slides, in either black and white or color. The software can output 8 or 16 bit data 12 bit data in 16 bit words as usual or 16 bit linear uncorrected mibolta.

See the Preferences screen described below. They’re nothing more than a graph of output brightness values against input brightness values. Best Selling in Scanners See all.

The Dimage Scan Dual uses a special dyal light source, producing strong spectral peaks in the red, green, and blue portions of dikage spectrum. I also like Minolta optics I have owned Minolta cameras and optics for over 20 years.

Photoshop LE is adequate to the needs of most semi-pro users, and will provide the full range of capabilities that most users will need to achieve the best results. Notice how the curves occupy much more of the available horizontal space, meaning that pixel values are spread much more evenly across the available tonal range.


You’ll see a message saying that it’s scanning slide number one. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner We saw no diage focus deficiencies while scanning normal slides or negatives. Overall, the Dimage Dimge Dual turned in a good performance, competing well in the “personal” scanner catetory with other units in its price range. This tool produced better results, but only after a lot of tedious experimentation to determine the suitable settings.

The slide holder is also a little unusual in the way that the slides “float” between two sets of spring-loaded fingers. Create new account Request new password.

A few scanning tips

For advanced users, adjusting settings creates customized images, and users can control color elements and values, resolution, and tones. Really happy This scanner is great.

The third arrow button is the final scan button for the selected frames. This scanner gives you multi-pass support – which some more expensive models don’t. Again, the easiest way to understand how a tone curve works is to play with one.

APS film can have up to 40 frames on the roll. Flame off for now, but repeated kudos to Minolta for taking the cost hit and including Photoshop LE with the scanner.


The “Input” resolution is for the final scan, and the “Output” resolution field sets the scaled printing resolution.

Here Are 3 Easy No deductibles or hidden fees. Contrast and brightness are about right, and the results are readily evident in the histogram curves for it. Tone Curve Adjustments The tone curves window shown below offers a set of controls that are at once easier to understand than those of the histogram display, yet considerably less straightforward to apply effectively. Trending Price New. Ximage Dissolver removes excess grain that may be visible when scanning high-speed film or that may appear in images scanned at very high resolutions.

: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV Film Scanner: Office Products

Scanning resolution can be as high vual dpi apparently, a element CCD covering the width of a 35mm slide or negative, with a few unused pixels on either side. The dark box shown around the 3 rd index image indicates it was 2.0.1 by clicking it with the mouse. The hassle you’ll save will be more than worth it! The green light will stop blinking at this point. This can only make it better than the Dual II.