The explanation lies in two prerequisites. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Between these buttons sits the joystick, which is fiddly since it is quite small and on top of that is sunk into the casing too deep. Although the stylus can take getting used to, once you got it, it’s great. Although initially the Ai was slightly towards the expensive side, with the advent of the ROKR E6 and other phones, the cost of the Ai has been considerably reduced.

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By default the phone enables you to view MS Office, Adobe Acrobat a200 in addition to the image and text formats you get with this kind of devices. Most relevant reviews See all 28 reviews.

I recommend it for those who want mkng sound quality and a little something fancy, but not too much. Though most colors were bright, oranges and reds looked a bit unnatural and whites were somewhat fuzzy. Though the Ming is not the first smartphone to rely so heavily on a touch screen, it is one of only a few handsets we’ve seen to feature a protective cover.

It is easy to use and works very well. We had to squint when using the keyboard in the dark and at times we had trouble tapping the correct key. Between these buttons sits the joystick, which is fiddly since it is quite small and on top of 1a200 is sunk into the casing too deep.


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Other settings include scheduled device switch-off, power saving mode, backlighting brightness and time-out settings. They also had trouble hearing us when we were talking in a loud place, but on the whole our friends didn’t report any major problems. For Russian language you can install a non-official keyboard version — this procedure and the required software are all the rage now on various forums.

Besides changing the ringer profile, you also can use these controls to select icons on the main menu. The phone comes bundled with EDR-enabled Bluetooth 2. The upper bound here is 5 Mb. The user can create own folder for mail storing purposes.

Motorola Ming A (Unlocked) review: Motorola Ming A (Unlocked) – CNET

It is basic but that is all I need. Only two languages available English or Chinese which is a shame as the rest of the world could have benefited from this phone.

The Motorola Ming A’s screen size is Unknown with x pixels resolution. Motorola A Ming Follow Following.

Motorola A1200

When searching for a name, the handset sorts the list instantly, leaving on the screen only contacts that match the phrase search line. Anonymous from Phonedog 08 Oct I definitely do recommend this phone to others. Visually rich with bright colors and graphics, the screen is a treat to use, but anyone with visual a120 should take the Ming for a test drive first.

I shall make a note here, though that the menu found in the Ai is different from that of the original MING produced for China China Mobilehere the menu is styled in red, while the European edition shows off blue scheme, identical to that of the ROKR E6.


Compact yet easy to It works best on horizontal cards with large, clearly labeled text. It is one of the series in the 4LTR line.

A2100 remaining 8 Mb can be used in any way you like, but it would be better to install a capacious memory card outright, luckily managing it is no different from working with the inbuilt memory.

The reception quality was never an issue with the MING. On the downside, we found it annoying that the A doesn’t give you one-touch access to the main menu through a button. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs? Upgrading latest firmware, it supports the EDGE network.

It has never caused me any problems. About this product Product Information The Motorola A mobile phone comes packed with a variety of user features under its Linux operating system. Call quality was admirable in most situations; voices sounded natural, and interference and static were almost nonexistent. A full-fledged manager allowing you to move, copy, delete files and folder. Even though the number of available settings is significantly smaller than that found in Motorola A, the MING lacks an external keypad.