Yeah, my MidiSport 8×8 doesn’t have drivers for Windows 7 x64 either. Anyone want a MidiSport 2×2? Thanks In Advance Fugazi Fan. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Please see attached two screenshots:

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I hope this helps Essentials Only Full Version. Originally posted on Midislort. Do you already have an account? THe model itself is great. In short, it’s solid I used to interface with the printer port on Win I respect his opinions normally He probably is mostly correct that “most or many” do not even bother to read up on the HW and things. It has a slow pulsing light to tell you that its configured for USB correctly.

Well, its possible but unlikely the hardware has failed. Then it has lights that flash to tell you that your transmitting midi information from your keyboard. Purchased in for programming a MIDI pedalboard not so easy?

As such, rules and standards of conduct will be midis;ort that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. Hi Laura, Thanks for posting! I had not thought of that. It is one of the smallest box-style midi interfaces available, and is suitable for most basic midi needs, where only one or two midi devices are being used.


Some devices do not work so well IIRC.

Midisport 2×2 Anniversary Edition SOLVED!!!

We’ll see how it works. However if I plug keyboard into said M-audio device I cannot get it to work. Also, the Merge button is pressed in. The unit itself is great.

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I do x664 fall into that category and obviously neither do you. What technical specifications motivated your choice? Test box at 64 bit Vista is NOT working.

Oct 22, Messages: Did you change operating systems? With all due respect Dave-I do know what I am doing. Thanks for all the help you guys!

I will have a check later on. The fact that it’s a brand new computer makes it all the more important you check for these updates The exception being, if it was recently built by a reputable DAW builder like Jim R.

I will try it out tomorrow. It is doing some very strange things like creating Midi Feedback, losing Polyphony, not triggering Midi and the strangest think last night which was it will only record Midi into Cubase if the keyboard is set to Receive on Channel 1 and Cubase on Channel 2!!


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Great midi product, which is usually the case with M-Audio, one of the leading midi device companies out there. Sort by most recent most useful. M-audio has really dropped the ball here – how hard can it be to write some drivers?? Log in Become a member.