Every time you open it about half of it will shoot straight up into the ceiling. So, who are some of your musical inspirations? Mick Quinn, who visited Australia a few times with his former band Supergrass — and, like Swervedriver, Quinn has his own Australian ties. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check out Supergrass on Facebook at: The first time we played electric guitar plugged into an amp was at Mick Quinn’s family’s house, in a little village outside Oxford.

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It really worked for us in terms of raising our adrenalin for the new album. We tend to rearrange them in a completely different way to how they sound on record.

And then we came swervedrivef just as soon as they were dropping away with the whole Supergrass thing. And even then there’s always going to be similarities.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat How do you respond if people shout for Swervedriver songs at a Bolts Of Melody show? I remember having a day off in Melbourne so we spent it in the studio. Paul Wilson used to play with them Shake Appeal and that kinda fell apart and they started Swervedriver and took off and became this massive band. If they’d been more long sighted I guess that could have happened, but then people just got so busy.


Brilliant tunes — tick.

In the swevredriver s, the band from Oxford, England, put their own incendiary swerveddriver spin on the lush shoegaze sound of bands such as Creation Records labelmates My Bloody Valentine, with a series of exhilarating EP singles: It doesn’t create too many problems because we can share files on the internet.

For every pound we made on record sales they made a million with Oasis. A year later, he moved on to swervedriger to improve his bass style and start to write songs. While Adam’s vocal remains distinctive, there’s a genuine musical change on each album.

It seemed for a while that we would never get back together. Just Alan McGee and a load of Scots! I think if you were to ask our fanbase most would probably say Raiseand while it has a certain charm about it, for me it’s also quite flawed in places.

Swervedriver’s long hiatus ends with new music

Every band that emerged from the Thames Valley in the early s was called shoegaze at one point. We used to mix it up every single night which is also great but I’m enjoying having a bit of stability every night too! M- Well, years and years ago, when I was like 10 years old, Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge were sort of friends with my brother and they used to play in our basement you know, my parents used to sort of tell em off, all that kind of stuff.

He’s worked with some legendary guitarists. I remember some of our best shows being at Tunbridge Wells Forum, which was the archetypal toilet venue.


The Stranglers bass is just incredible. We can only give them so much to learn. When we played Coachella you could see people who were there from back in the day stood alongside kids in their early twenties. Even though we hadn’t played a lot of those songs for years before the Raise shows, I soon got sick of some of them.

Mick Quinn – Wikipedia

Swervedriver’s sound has continually evolved over the years with every record. There are kids out there who’ve never seen us before, so in a way everything we play is new to them.

The second session was at Konk Studios in London, but wwervedriver first — much to the delight of Melbourne fans — was at Birdland Studio in Prahran, under the watchful eye of Lindsay Gravina. I don’t think we do fit into it. M- Not a hell of a lot, to be honest.

I think a lot of people heard us for the first time because of that. Does that create any problems when it comes to writing, recording and particularly rehearsing? Luke Howard – More Heart Stories. So, who are some of your musical inspirations?