My second problem involves performance. Wed Jan 29, 4: When I copy an audio cd at maximum speed of 48x, using the Burning Wizard in Nero ver5. You can Pay with: Please enter the text in the following text field. Here are a few of the specs:

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Yes, DMA is on. NET Advanced Edition 2. As I said before, you’ve been most helpful. The cd-r 448125w multi-speed for use in cd writers with speeds of 1x to 48x. What type of media are you using? Do I need to buy a Plextor to get accurate rips? I thought the S could be flashed to the 52×24?

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If so, are there anyother benefits other than the speed still learning the terms, but would I get any additional burner formats or methods, etc? My second problem involves performance. By the way I used CDex to rip the mp3’s Are you using it as your primary cdrom? Can a cdrw perform both functions without being 48125a – losing funtionality?


Clearly my burning speed is significantly slower than the LiteOn professed speed of 3: And ltt there any consequences to the cd-rw drive?

The TDK worked fine with it. Relayer Ars 4815w Militum Registered: They always happen in pairs, so the byte size of the track is always what it should be, but the content isn’t. Therefore, the latter uses a newer chipset Maybe a litie-freak can give more info God i wish OC was here!

So if you are right, then it explains why I have not had to flash update. I’m not sure how the version differs, but I’m sure it would be a good idea to upgrade to the latest version 5.

B- Any ideas on how to get the drive speed to 48X, so that I can burn at 48x? The disc will burn correctly, but many times it will not be readable. And how does this version differ from Nero version 5. You don’t need to use DOS. My burner copies everythig I have asked it to, and I have not encountered any problems while using it. Mon Jan 27, 5: I prefer 481225w 2.


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I can only speak for my burner but I would still recomend Liteone. I am not concerned about the burning on cheap media. Ltt while burning or testing cd-r’s. The Item is built to order.

My main concern is the ripping. Please don’t forget to report your experiences lfr. But my writer allready does everything!!! Every rip was perfect The only problem with using your burner as a reader as well is that it wears it out faster. Writing to the HD is a better method anyway’s, and less of a chance of a coaster, but with the new Buffer protections offered by the newer drives you can do on the fly if you like.