Feb edited Feb Message 9 of 20 , Views. Now they want to charge us a second time for righting the wrongs in Vista. Please see the attached image to see the driver installation procedure. Message 3 of 20 , Views. Thanks for posting this Thrax but I’m having no luck installing these drivers. Sorry for necro’ing this thread, but:

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What’s with the Expo thread already? Hmm, cause when I tried to follow the guide you made up there it didn’t work, stating that bit file will not work. Apr edited Apr To be fair, this card is borderline ancient for a wifi wijdows. No, I bailed on the card because the performance still wasn’t as good as newer wireless chipsets such as those featured on the D-Link card.

For those that are having freezing issues The machine spec which is probably more than you need to know but I just cut and pasted this info: Jun edited Jun The driver package in fact only contains x64 driver. I am not linksgs known with these kind of things and any help would be appreciated, this random freezes are driving me nuts: Message wp54gg of 20Views.

WMP54G and Windows 7

And on a side note, I feel that Vista was definitely below par, not too bad but flawed and slow and Win 7 is MS’s acknowlegement that they foisted a pile of crap on us and charged us for it, at the time telling us it was the bestest thing ever.


It’s not even yet.

The weird thing is, i can just log in fine on my lvl 1 character. What are your favorite holiday food and beverages?

WMP54G and Windows 7 – Linksys Community

This guide is only compatible with v4. It’s impossible to know what Linksys does and does not refuse to do.

I suggest everyone do something similar. I’ve tried a dozen suppliers, Amazon and Googled until my fingers bled but I just can’t find one for sale in this beleagured little isle of ours.

By the way, pw54g to Icrontic to the both of you, Jasdemi and eyc Ok, I figured out, that I have the v4. Will NOT work on other versions. There are several versions of the WMP54G adapter.

Someone should make this fix more spread. This is probably my problem. I tried it out and i have a problem, i have the WMP54G v4. Anyone know what is going on? I haven’t been able to get online at all so therefore can’t get the Win 7 update for drivers for this card. Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool.


*FIX* Linksys WMP54G v lag on Windows 7 — Icrontic

I would think that any time I’m uploading something, I’ll probably face the same issue. I had a similar issue but I manually assigned the driver to linksus around it but then my system would crash every time I go to use the network wp54v I think we are just going to have to wait till linksys has drivers for windows 7. This patch has fixed my lag spike issues while playing steam games, but now everytime I try to search for a server my whole computer freezes.

Thanks for posting this Thrax but I’m having no luck installing these drivers. So here is a fix for people with the WMP54Gv4: The exterior may look similar, but the interior is a whole new ball game. Could you go to either of these two websites and run a speed test? If the card isn’t listed in the device manager, you need to try reseating it in the PCI slots in your computer.