This distortion is visible as a very slight colored fringe around the objects at the edges of the field of view on the resolution target. As you can see, the DX fits right in the middle of the pack in terms of size and weight. It not only produced excellent color and moderate noise levels, but its viewfinder and autofocus systems worked down to the lowest light levels I test at. Do note that depending on where you live especially outside of the U. The other issue is that some images were on the soft side example — something you can correct by cranking up the in-camera sharpening, or better yet, adjusting in Photoshop. A judgement call, some people would prefer the darker shots, although inspection in Photoshop tm reveals that there’s no lost detail in the images at right.

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Turns on the date display over movie files, with a vx6490 of formats. This switch sticks so bad, that sometimes I have to use TWO hands to switch to a different mode!

So, 2 out of 7 eadyshare bad! The unit is used, but still the batteries hold a respectable charge. When, please tell me when, are buyers ever going to learn? Also available are Center-Weighted and Center-Spot modes. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Unlike the “saturated” settings on a lot of cameras which often produce absurdly garish results this option on the DX actually seems to provide a fairly useful amount of saturation boost.


I like the fact DX seems very conservative on battery consumption and while dated by todays standards and lacks some features of todays cameras, I still use it as a mainstay camera for much of eaasyshare general shooting. The camera moves between photos instantly.

The result was very pleasing though, as the DX’s flash is color-balanced dx6940 match incandescent room lighting, and the excellent auto white balance system handles the combination beautifully. The one-of-a-kind album feature is intriguing as well. Modes are adjusted on the LCD screen, and the available exposure setting is highlighted. You can hook any standard flash sync cable into this port, up to a maximum of volts.

Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

The passive infrared focusing sensor can operate in complete darkness, and is koadk than contrast-detection processing under any light level. Kodak DX For the price it is an excellent digital camera.

Overall, quite impressive, and a performance to shame many of its more expensive competitors. However, not all menu options are available in all modes.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490

Not very obvious in this target, which mostly has fairly strongly contrasting elements. How much is a foot-candle? The camera continues with Kodak’s very user-friendly interface and uncomplicated menu layout, and the varying levels of exposure control allow novice users to gradually step up control as they learn more about photography.


Due to my limited resources, please do not send me requests for personal camera recommendations. Inside the mode dial is the four-way controller more like vx6490 joystickwhich is used for menu navigation. This thing will never stay on, no matter what you do!

Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 – digital camera Series

Cancels a print order. Controls how digital zoom is accessed. Let’s say you eassyshare to mark an image for e-mail. Musicians Poster Auto White Balance. I started seeing other auctions that said the camera was great, but the lens cap will not stay on. With the flash down, low-light focusing was limited to one foot-candle or more, about the level of typical city streetlighting at night. Following are the results at each zoom setting. Flash distribution is fairly even at wide angle, although there’s a little falloff at the corners and edges of the frame.

Kodak DX Digital Photography Review

You can send the full size picture, or have it reduced automatically to a smaller size. If selected, the lens will continuously focus during movie recording. Others have tried, but Kodak delivers a high-resolution electronic viewfinder that eliminates parallax for a true through-the-lens experience.