Make sure the MFP is on and the Ready message appears. You are using paper that does not meet the MFP specifications. If you insert the memory device when the MFP requires attention such as when a paper jam has occurred, the MFP ignores the memory device. Page 39 – Copy tips Page 40 – Chapter 3: Index Index address book 51 adjust paper tray 79 adjusting Power Saver screen timeout adjusting quality 36 Advanced Password, menu protection Advanced Password, setting appendix template 1-column applying template to existing files 1-column appendix Asterisk button 16 authorized supplies dealers automatic size sensing 93 automatic tray linking Touch the option that best describes what you are copying: Administrative support Adjusting control panel brightness If you are having trouble reading your control panel display, the LCD brightness can be adjusted through the Settings menu.

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Page Slide the shield to the right, and then remove it. Load the envelope feeder.

Lift and pull the print cartridge out of the MFP. Italiano Con la presente Lexmark International Inc. Load the stack of envelopes flap side down with the stamp area and the flap on the left.

IBM 39v Maintenance Kit for Infoprint MFP Printer | eBay

Menus A number of menus are available to make it easy for you to change MFP settings or print reports. Understanding Mfp Messages Administrative support Adjusting control panel brightness If you are having trouble reading your control panel display, the LCD brightness can be adjusted through the Settings menu.


Copying To Letterhead Have a new cartridge available when the current one no longer prints satisfactorily. If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. Two pieces of either letter or A4 dark colored paper are needed for this process.

Go to the MFP, and place the original document in the automatic document feeder facing up, long-edge first. If the jammed envelope has entered the MFP and cannot be pulled out, remove the envelope feeder.

Don’t have an account? Page 39 – Copy tips Page 40 – Chapter 3: Printed infopring on this MFP is black and grayscale only, not color.

Understanding paper and speci The Quality menu control panel options can be adjusted to help improve print quality. Multiple page copying Place the original document facing up imfoprint the automatic document feeder or facing down on the scanner glass flatbed.

Push the release latch, and lower the multipurpose feeder. Printing Printing This chapter covers information about sending a job to print, printing confidential jobs, canceling a print job, printing a menu settings page, a font list, and a directory list. The Held Jobs screen appears. Copying Copying The following copy topics are available in this and other chapters. Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Here’s a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season.


Imfoprint Identifying MFPs 9 indicator light 15 integrated forms 98 Internet Protocol Security jams avoiding clearing labels guidelines LCD brightness LCD contrast LCD touch-screen features Attendance message alert 26 left arrow button 23 left scroll decrease button 23 letterhead loading input tray 81, 85, The tab, round peg, and square holes on top of any drawer help you position the duplex unit so the edges are aligned properly.

Understanding e-mail options Original Size: Try a sample of any card stock you are considering using with the MFP before purchasing a large quantity. Once an FTP destination has been configured by your system support person, the name of the destination becomes available as a shortcut number or listed as a profile under the Held Jobs icon.

Only one FTP address may be sent to at a time. All in One Printer Size: Laser Advisory Label E-mail tips The following tips may improve the MFP e-mail quality.

IBM InfoPrint 1650 MFP Toner Cartridges – 39V0544 Cartridges

Displays the first pages of the image before it is included in the e-mail. If there is no Properties button, click Setup, and then click Properties. Changes made to print, fax, copy, and e-mail settings from an application override changes made from the control panel.