I have never done it since the laptop was new I believe it was xbit labs,but i am not certain of it. Alot of laptop manufacturers were probably in the same boat, as SATA cdroms are a recent thing. I can’t perceive any difference even though benchmark results are slightly better. So then I have to power off the machine and remove the module at the top RAM slot.

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Writing the message on it. Exchanging these drives for after-market drives which support SATA bus of 3. Register Sign In Help.

In testing rotating media drives, our measurements show data throughput difference between 1. However you won’t generally notice the speed difference in practice. As I already have the drive I’m looking for a compatible laptop to put it in.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone On Fri, at Therefore the system was standardized to 1. The eBay auction ad listed a few newer imb. I also remember that a Promise raid controller choked it to sata 1 speeds.

Last edited by geohsia on Fri Feb 20, What newer Thinkpad models use a compatible hard disk that I could slip mine into? I may have zapped it with static as the screen went blank when I picked it up off the desk a few weeks ago and it has not restarted since.


Is this fast as I gets? I have never done it since the laptop was new Your ThinkPad – your call.

Regards, Paul — The linux-thinkpad mailing list data page is at: However, in the process I am encountering conflicting information. Lenovo made a design decision to prioritize maintaining compatibility with Ultrabay disk drives, which are connected via a SATA-to-PATA conversion chip which could not handle a 3.

for IBM ThinkPad T60 T60p T61 T61p SATA 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy | eBay

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Well worth it nevertheless, in my opinion. So even replacing the primary drive which is currently: I believe it is solely a decision by Lenovo. Cheers, George In daily use: This website uses cookies. Will the ThinkPad T4x palm rest fit on the T60?

T60 SATA hard drive compatibility?

Thanks for any and all advice. According to Intel, my chipset supports 3G transfer rates, but apparently Lenovo has not enabled this for the T61p? Message 3 of SSD is the way to go, as the very obvious random access speed increase sequential access speed doesn’t matter here gives a very welcome boost to those old machines. As already said, most of this are only rumors For t61 there will be probably a BIOS fix.


T60 harddrive interface, SATA or IDE? | NotebookReview

In reply to this post by Nate Bargmann-4 To close the loop, I bought a used T and everything is going well with no issues on the drive compatibility. It doesn’t matter if the Kingston or the Hynix is in the bottom slot.

Stefan — The linux-thinkpad iibm list home page is at: Sure, it works as designed for the T61 p but the design seems flawed and they are not willing to listen to users and make it work better.