Check the dropdown menu above the posts! The Hypersonic 2 is still one of the best VSti around in his opinion. I don’t want to go back to windows 7. According to the Hypersonic 2 user guide, the PC must have at a least a 1. Prior to using Hypersonic 2, it must be installed just like any other software.

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Run the libary locater from the air content release.

Configuring a DAW

The Hypersonic 2 is still one of the best VSti around in his opinion. Video tutorials Our YouTube channel not only offers a selection of product presentation videos but also several very helpful and informative video tutorials.

Also if you have purchased and registered Halion Sonic, your Steinberg Key will contain the licenses for Hypersonic 1 and 2, Halion 1 2 and I think 3 as well as something else if I can remember. Apr 17, Messages: If your post is calling someone out for something, it’s probably not appropriate here. If you’re new to pr o ducing, read the Newbie FAQ.

If your thread is vague, unclear, or easily answered by searching “does anyone else? No hypersonkc wars, disrespect, condescension based on level of experience, or tactless posts stereotyping any group of people will be tolerated.


Be respectful Posts and comments are expected to be civil, even when there are disagreements. I assume you’re using Jbridge just as I do because Hypersonic2 is 32bit!!

Steinberg Cubasis 2 v2. Hyeprsonic piracy or illegal content Advocating, asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate is prohibited. When I find “content folder” everything works o. If your thread is only tangentially related, it is probably considered off-topic.

Jul 24, Messages: Brought to you by Techwalla. Prior to using Hypersonic 2, it must be installed just like any other software.

Please note that Mac OS X Mods will not look at the content of the post before the removal.

Install the air internal version in suggested directory. The contents of the Hypersonic DVD will open in a new window. I upgraded windows 7 to windows Do you think it could work with other syncrosoft emu releases?

Hypersonic 2 can be played as a standalone instrument, or as a VST in another digital workstation. Use the weekly threads Weekly Threads are listed in the top bar. As with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product.


Read the Newbie FAQ. Only 1,5 GB with very good sounds and low cpu usage. If you disagree with something, make your case politely. Click “Next” hypersonjc the installer to load the key’s data.

Hypersonic 2 | Steinberg

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Linking to piracy-centric subs also prohibited. Better than the oversized sample libary of Halion Sonic-which they sell as Hypersonic 3. This is a community for the technical aspects of hyperwonic and for production discussion, not drama.