I use it with Cubase 4. I don’t regret having bought it and I would buy it again without any hesitation. This is a good system that deserves being placed in with similar better-known competitors such as the Terratec EWS88MT and the Delta 66 as it pertains to sound quality. Another time, I have a crash with a beautiful sound relacture loop buffer of ms, imagine. Windows 9x, 2K Driver Support:

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All user reviews for the Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port

It should not be used for critical audio playback however. Yes qqu’unes – How do you report qualitprix? A colored virtual cable then appeared connecting the two. I never tried to record several channels simultaneously So Apple users, go your way without hsiter.

Each system displayed the tracks as stereo pairs. It did have helpful diagrams and pictures. A second routing selection results in a different colored connection cable and so on.

With a bit of patience, its use becomes natural and efficient and will result in high-quality recordings.

They were recessed into the body of the cable plug end. It connects via a provided cable directly to the AudioDSP24 card.

User reviews: Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA / DSP C-Port – Audiofanzine

This is a good system that deserves being placed in with similar better-known competitors such as the Terratec EWS88MT and the Delta 66 as it pertains to sound quality. Easy installation, no sweat.


Did you find this review helpful? Configuation a little weird: The sliders and overall dimensions of the individual channels could be designed on a smaller scale and closer together.

– – your best source for information on the Digital Audio Workstation.

I asked Petit and Claus at Hoontech. I used the recently updated drivers that I downloaded from the Hoontech website. This is in part to the high-quality microphones I was using, the point being though that the card captured this quality.

I give credit to Hoontech for seeing this as a weak point and doing something to change it. However, it would be helpful to have a full written explanation of the routing options that the AudioDSP24 supports to augment the helpful routing diagrams.

I tried to use it for a year and a half, but I give up, it really works more in the latest version of Tiger.

Perfect sound A large number of inputs and outputs which lets you use it to mix table well, everything is relative, do not expect an acoustic drum plug it First, it looks too much like a game card mixer and in itself, provides little more functionality.

Not measured but acceptable. No it’s over a – What software do you use most often? No compatibility issues on Windows. Having the headphone jack on the unit itself is a major plus for monitoring. With the last driver version, the PCI card outputs are deactivated so don’t try to connect your speakers to the line out Nonetheless, Hoontech deserves credit for exposing their dirty laundry, such as it may be perceived, rather than hiding behind “email only” tech support.


Macs drivers do not work, or very little This, in turn, would then reflect on the perception of their products. I have not tried to record several tracks simultaneously on the other hand The virtual boxes emulate the physical devices that will be used in the session. To my delight and surprise, I received a very nice English language reply from Petit, one of the developers of the Hoontech products.

The user can connect a variety hoontevh devices to this daughtercard. I often return to the small between Stereo mini jack on the back of my G4 tower to record