Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, Tech and gadgets Advertise. Does anybody have any ideas on this? Yeah, I know I could go to ebay though the auction you listed ended in February. I have tried to buy world wide

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Does anybody know the approximative autonomy of an iPod, previously fully charged, connected to the iFire and ProSpeakers? Active Topics in this Category.

Clever me, don’t know, which one is not working, either ifire or the speaker. If you have a laptop, just run it into the mic input if your cassette output voltage level matches the mic input level.

The setup is hanging off the back of my Mac Mini and it sounds just brilliant! Exactly as it is advertised, the iFire is an ideal ppowerwave for those who want to use their Apple Pro Speakers with other Macs or iPods.

Ignored post by switcher posted July 25, I’m inclined to just let him keep it and get a new one for myself. I would like to purchase.

Griffin Technology PowerWave

They don’t just demand realism; they demand reality. Griffin Technology There are so many inputs and outputs your mind can spin. Well, I got one, and got a whole two months of use out of it before my Dad sequestered it for his own use. I have tried to buy world wide You’ll possibly need software that removes tape hiss.


With the PowerWave, you can easily move one piece of equipment between two or more computers. I have not done this with an iPod, but I would suspect the drain to be more significant because the iPod battery is not designed to power a 10 watt amplifier.

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After reading what everyone else had to say about it I had to try it for myself. When I receive it and test it I’ll post a new note.

Where can I get one? I currently have an 8 Core Mac Pro and it works just fine for converting Reel-to-Reel audio tapes or directly from a turntable in conjunction with a pre-amp.

ATPM – Review: iFire

I was even able to transfer LPs directly to my computer with the help of clever software on the included CD.

Ignored post by Nathan Barhorst posted March 11, Do you griffim where I can get my hands one?

I think so, that in-line amp as I remember didn’t work but speakers were ok prior to that. I too am annoyed see Barbara Glatz 25 that MAC would make a product so specific to one computer and then stop.


You can connect any set of home speakers to your computer? Sound is great, heaps better than the bose airwave, which is pricey and overrated? gridfin

New Since your Last Visit. I also have the iSub that plugs into a usb port. Any idea who may have one for sale? I have great sound again.

Griffin PowerWave USB Audio Interface & Desktop Amp | #

So be warned if spending 10x the original price on one for your intel Mac – just because it’s got a FW port doesn’t guarantee it will work. Ignored post by Chuck M posted July 25, Here is copy of the ad: The iMic package also includes a special stereo audio cable with a ground connector, to prevent hum or line noise when recording directly from a turntable.

A while back, there was a MacGroup meeting about converting older analog audio cassettes, vinyl, etc into digital mp3, aac, etc.