Access Your Free Video Series. I had already moved to the shorter backswing — for starters — even before I read your article. We use cookies to enhance your golf instruction experience and to measure your progress. Golf Fitness – Bridge Exercise. Strike Your Irons Pure Part 1 views. Drills for Your Right Arm in Downswing.

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Access Your Free Video Series. This will really help. Lets look at the example of the two top of back swing images we have here. Strike Your Irons Pure Part 1 views. Phil Mickelson’s Famous Putting Drill Improper Weight Shift in Golf: Golf Fitness – Stretching the Core.

You Are An Athlete. Already have an account? Throw the Ball Drill Pt 2: How to Hit Penetrating Wedge Shots. Learn how your comment data oversding processed. So, now there’s no way, unless you do something really ridiculous with your wrists, to get the club across the line.


That is going to inherently steepen your plane.

Forget anything else; don’t make it more complicated. Once that started to help my arms a…. Fine Tuning Your Draw Day 7: Golf Impact Position Face On: We’re not going to talk about the hip movement part first because that’s just a function of making a better golf takeaway.

To develop good habits you’ll need to work with a professional in person. Golf Swing Move Away Drill views.

How to Fix Your Golf Overswing with a Secret Trick

The Golf Backswing, Step by Step. So, this move is a very, very small move. Proper Weight Shift in the Golf Downswing. Sandwedge Bounce Angle Explanation.

Right Shoulder Golf Swing Drill: The shorter looking swing is actually the same swing just at a shorter point. But it is safe to say that you wouldn’t want to teach the golf swing that way, as the odds of consistent success for the huge gof of golfers are drastically reduced by overswinging.


Overswinging, Causes and Cures – Golf Instruction Article –

We use cookies to enhance your golf instruction experience and to measure your progress. Guaranteed to Work Get More Distance: I have watched your videos and I love the various advice your are giving.

Take the Mystery out of Chipping Club Selection. How to Analyze Your Swing. How to Hit a Draw Day 3: Lower Body in the Golf Swing: The Perfect Golf Putting Grip: