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I finally made it working. Can you see eth1 with ‘ifconfig’? I would enf28j60 network comms, preferably wired hence my interest in getting wired ethernet to work, but wireless may enc28j660 I will experiment some more. Originally, the driver that shipped with the Linux kernel would not allow me to bring the link up. December 7, at 1: January 27, at 7: Something plucked from the ether perhaps? Once all software was installed I swapped to a wifi dongle.

Just did this to my own pi zero, as part of a project supplementing my final year uni project, worked a treat — Thank you for the steps — Legend! I hope you had fun. Thank you for the information AndyShevchenko. With no USB or ethernet, the only way I could log into it was through the serial port.


The link light on the SPI adapter itself works fine.

June 30, at JFYI, there is function tracer in the kernel. I even do not connect it, because personally have not even work with GPIO, so I make a consultation with people who already do that. An ifconfig showed me I had an ethernet connection. If I connect eth1 to router, router does not detect cable connected, all led enc28j60 port and router are off.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the info.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ENC28J ENC28J60 support

I was thinking a combination of the ZeroPi and Duino would be an excellent choice to create some smallish sensor nodes. Last edited by Killertechno on Fri Nov 23, 8: I’ve customized the ENC28J60’s driver to do a bunch of additional printk while I’ve been searching for the root of the problem.

My earlier comment might have some useful links https: I can confirm that using the 5V pin to power via the built-in regulator seems to work fine, with no blue smoke release so far. February 5, at 5: Every attempt to TX times out and increments the TX errors. Thanks to AndrewS for the detailed info which is very helpful enc82j60 a beginner, much appreciated.


Speedtest is in python and might cause some CPU usage to craft the packets. This is what mine looks like… All wired up and ready to go. Alternatively I guess you could try hacking something like https: August lonux, at 3: I know that many will use this very creative bit of kit to add networking to their pi.

CONFIG_ENC28J60: ENC28J60 support

Just out of curiosity Alex, is the schematic for RaspioDuino available anywhere? Well the obvious solution would be to buy a B model Pi. Based on forum discuss http: Post as a guest Name.