I get a similar error that the person was getting with OPenOffice. Calling all DevEx Developers. Thank you, Bob M.. Comment 12 Mark Watford Comment 3 Alex Thurgood

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As such we need to avoid the free wide spreading of our products via a licensing scheme that is fair to developers and end-users. We thought that the current licensing is, but apparently there are issues with it. Any existing non-visual Delphi desktop application code can be used in the web server modules.


Comment 3 Alex Thurgood Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. The license is not really unclear about it cause distribution is distribution, no matter if it’s a trial or not. The field names from ‘C: Is it possible to connect to Firebird databases? This we simply can’t do. EWB has a standard dataset JSON structure that you can generate on your server the format is documentedor you can interpret any other type of data and fill the EWB dataset object in code.


Developer Tools

Database adapter components are also provided for exposing custom data sources as Elevate Web Builder datasets. As said I fully understand that elevxtesoft change to a more expensive solution always hurts, but I hope that you can at least a little bit understand our situation and the reason for the change.

When the end user needs support they get it from who ever provided the driver. You can use a ODBC bridge for example: Legend Helpful Answer 5 pts Correct Answer 10 pts. What you describe is exactly what we had before and I’m afraid, it didn’t work SubversionGitSource Search. The time now is It should only be the “paid up” user that gets direct access to NexusDB for support issues.

Calling all DevEx Developers. If not, we have to go up in the log and understand where this is coming from.

Acessing DBISAM files via mxODBC

Could the licensing allow a number of deployments, either internal or external, however one desires? Comment leevatesoft Alex Thurgood I’m going to try Option 1 and 5 and will post the results here for any person with the same query in the future.

This program provides developers of add-on solutions with a full set of resources for elevaesoft, testing and supporting their applications. As per your problem is concerned, each table that has BLOB fields must have a. Comment 13 Lionel Elie Mamane Comment 12 Mark Watford In fact, if this were the case, I would rather NexusDB simply create the installation package and sell it directly to my customer.


None of the tables can the field names be retrieved. Elevate Software Elevate Software. Comment 10 Alex Thurgood Bhuban M Mishra Date: In my case I would only use maybe two.

Their respective logos and icons eleatesoft also subject to international copyright laws. Thus if you already have some sort of web service that can provider your Firebird link, then you can re-use that.

Source code form contributions such as patches are considered to be modifications under the Mozilla Public License v2.