Hello Cka3o4nik, thanks for all the help from this thread, and the other post you sent on my thread, i’ve just a request for some more info please. The content of the package will extract. Thank you for the post! If your touch device just needed the hidraw driver on U3 board, try to modify comment out the hid-touch. I think I give up on this Has anyone make any progress with making Egalax touch drivers to work on ubuntu mini version,

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I hope it will be fixed for maverick.

How did u do that? A typo in that file can cause a lockout of the Gnome desktop.

Logout and login back. Today I have no idea how Ubuntu handles xorg information.

This patch shifts the coordinates back. Works everywhere except PI.

How to get eGalax TouchScreen film (0eef:0001) working in Linux for Raspberry Pi

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hello, Information for the Samsung Q1 Ultra now goes here: I Begin to setup the TouchKitTouch driver.


Our TomCat applications are working on the C2 but the most important feature, the Touch Screen, is not working as it should and this is a business critical issue. Tried every hint I found via searchengine bug reports on this, threads, even a newly developed driver to get the touchscreen working with evdev read somwhere this should be more responsive and with much less wakeups than original eGalax drivernothing works: Go to the Download folder and extract the content of the eGalaxTouch- 3.

The touchscreen is working good sofar, at touchsxreen no freezing which my Ubuntu Lucid just kept doing.

Thank you for answer! Let me know if you get stuck on any step and remember to post any observation you may h If someone still has problems, please do tell.

eGalax touchscreen – ODROID

This is how I get my touchscreen working: Comfort Curve Keyboard Bus Device Has anyone managed to get the eGalax screens working properly? After rebooting the daemon was not running, so added to rc. The touch screen driver for “0eef: Sidhi Ciang 2 8.


Do you use a xorg. To build the tool for Maverick: If you look in the boot up log for X you can see how your computer is sccientific to handle the touch screen.

eGalax touchscreen – Raspberry Pi Forums

I can touch it, and it respond, but the position is very wrong. I Found inbuilt kernel module: I also plan to do precise calibration, but later. TouchController”, disabling the second one fixes the problem.

Don’t get discouraged by the long post, it is long because I’m trying d-qav provide as much details as possible.

I just wanted to see if i could get the touch-screen to be a little more precise. According to dmesg log: Download the source code from here. Fri Oct 1 Hello Is there a working Graphic calibration tool specifically for the Samsung Q1 ultra under Ubuntu netwbook Edition