We’d also have liked the histogram itself to have more resolution, to make fine adjustments easier. This is a serious, professional scanning software package. The image was sharpened, which would exaggerate streaks and noise. Canon Scanners with Custom Bundle. The only advantage that using the scanner software might have is if the scanner software worked at greater bit depth than the final output image. There is no provision for scanning uncut rolls of 35mm film and there is no slide feeder for unattended scanning of more than 4 slides at a time.

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My scanner came with FilmGet FS 1. View All Social Media. This one has a 3rd Dynasty Egyptian equivalent of the famous “brick wall”: The image is scanned slightly tilted– probably less than a quarter of a degree, but noticeable. I would say Bravo! 0400us

It has negligible impact on image quality and saves a lot of time. Neither Filmget nor Vuescan will allow you to scan 35mm true 4000ua negatives 24mm x mm in one scan, even though the filmholder windows are 72mm wide.

You can enter your own adjustment numbers in these boxes, hitting the Tab key to record the changes. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Your welcome and I hope you also enjoy my Carl Zeiss SO lenses photo sample series in the coming days in the Pentax forum. The price drop isn’t because it’s not a good scanner – it’s a great scanner – it’s just that demand for scanners has fallen since digital cameras became affordable, plus prices drop when any item of digital equipment has been around for a year or two!

I am using an old XP box to do my scanning which is more than powerful to handle the scanning, once scanned I am using another computer for archiving and image manipulation. The composite photo at right is reduced somewhat to fit our layout. Unfortunately, I find that these images do not scale up nearly as well as film images do.


I think Roger brings up a good point. Beneath the zoom tools are four image orientation tools, for rotating and flipping the image. After receipt of the replacement Product with instructions and a prepaid waybillfollow the enclosed instructions on how to ship your product to the Canon USA repair facility. I also have to mention that the first two guys I talked to had never heard of Velvia!

CanoScan 9000F vs. CanoScan FS 4000US

Keep up to date on all latest product information. You don’t need dpi to scan for the web, but it’s canoscaan useful if you’re making large prints. OPERATION all in color mode Dust Removal OFF Dust Removal ON Standard Dust Removal ON Strong Calibration done once at startup 33s 33s 33s Thumbnail scan 4 slides 15s 15s 15s Preview scan 38s 54s 54s dpi 24 bit full frame scan of mounted slide x pixels 4m 01s 6m 28s 6m 38s dpi 42 bit full frame scan of mounted slide x pixels 4m 13s 6m 45 6m 58s It’s interesting to note that scan times don’t depend on whether the scan is done at 24 bit color depth or 42 bit color depth.

On the other hand, grain is much more visible, in part because of the increased resolution, and in part because the FilmGet software performs some sharpening though the electronic manual says nothing about it.

The FSUS is designed to scan mounted 35mm slides up to 4 at a canoscam35mm negatives or unmounted 35mm slide strips up to 6 frames and APS film up to 40 exposures. The graph shows how the original tonal values the horizontal or x-axis of the curve are mapped into new output values the vertical or y-axis of the curve.


Canon CanoScan FSUS film scanner

Prior to full frame scan the scanning area was limited to the actual visible area of the mounted slide the slide crops a little off the full frame image. There is apparently no harm in slowly pulling it out, but I never felt comfortable doing it. I am using VueScan.

As you slide the points in, the tonal range is redistributed to reflect the change. View image galleries How to purchase prints. Still, it’s nice to see support as well-balanced between Mac and PC platforms as it is.

If they neither of these settings help, your scanner is most likely defective. I have to admit, it looks pretty good. The replacement Product you receive may be a refurbished or reconditioned unit and will be covered for the balance of the period remaining on your original limited warranty. In our experience, this can be a lifesaver if you have a bad piece of film, but you also need to be prepared to exercise extreme patience if you must resort to this approach: The original FSUS scan was much too blue– it definitely required adjustment.