No such file or directory dpkg -b. I am using Hi Guys, Thanks for that info. All windows computers connect fine. I’ll make a note of that command for future reference. Good luck, and you came to the right place by the way to learn ubuntu!

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No such file or directory mv: I have a brother HLDN mono laser. My printer is connected using a USB cable.

MFC | United States | Brother Solutions Center

So how far have you progressed? Not intending to be too picky, but there is no. Does anyone have a solution so I can use the scanner as well? It seems logical to me that the.

I did notice however that there are uninstall files in my. Forgot to ask in last post but Can I delete the files downloaded to the.

Is there garbage that is not getting cleared out.

Brother MFC-7240 Driver Download – Mac, Windows, Linux

The Brother-provided script linux-brprinter-installer Downloads directory now that my installation is complete? This would be very inconvenient if the printer wasn’t sitting right next to me. Both programs include a clear message listing the affected packages. This works nicely to install the printer in Ubuntu Can you not use the Gear System settings and delete the jfc printer? Just download the tar.


Great, glad you’ve got it working. Something more functional area based would be better e. Thanks vasa1 for the excellent brothrr. It works wirelessly with a Windows PC but not with my Ubuntu laptop.

Brother MFC Driver Download – Mac, Windows, Linux – Brother Printer

And far more detail is here: Does this only apply to the Download directory and assume that files which have been executed since download are no longer needed? I’m new to Ubuntu having just migrated from windows XP.

On my MFC 4in1 bro, it misses out on the fax stuff I’ve got it done manually. I also upgraded from The downloadable driver install tool for brothers is really great stuff. Is there a book that any of you guys would recommend? Thanks HM I should 740 said Download.

Download (PC-FAX driver, FAX modem Driver)

And a thank you to the original poster. One of the essential functionalities of apt-get which was initially specific to aptitude is the tracking of packages installed only through dependencies.


Both Simple Brotner and Skanlite report that they can’t find a scanner. I couldn’t believe how much easier this has been than in years past when I had to install the LPR and Cups drivers, and then install the scanner drivers.

All windows computers connect fine. Downloads directory as far as I know. I have a Unix book but it is very difficult to use as you need to know what you are looking for. I can run the first job perfectly even duplex and maybe the second job.