I apologize for the length of this post. User login Create new account. Anyway – Yesterday, when taking a fresh look at the issue, I somehow found myself directed to an AirLink Technical Support Page for a possible solution. After Trisquel was installed I tried Network Manager every which way, then removed it and installed wicd. I’m even confident enough that I’m typing this very message on this system now!

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I have never looked too deeply into this issue, but the way I have come to understand it, the standard Not really sure what the hash provides us, when investigating what version of Atheros drivers we need, however, you are correct, the output was not exactly the same.

Thanks for reporting this bug and any supporting documentation. I looked at the usual online sources for confirmation that my hardware and drivers would work, and on paper as they say, there is no issue with my setup. To solve my problem I “open” to any solution, but, if is possible, I prefer to know how convince Ubuntu to load the driver when I start the system.

The result of all this is I have a lot of respect for the company or somebody within for taking action and fixing the problem. A lot to learn.


The system doesn’t know my competence in Information Systems, so if I am a housewife that use Ubuntu because is a good alternative to Windows because is freethen I want put my tp-link in the slot and I want that the tp-link works.

IRQ not less or equal to. These drivers have been pushed into the mainline kernel and things have tended ar521/ar5213 work very well for a very long time. So far, everything looks fine.

Thanks for taking the time to make Ubuntu better! Im running XP Serv Pk 3. How can things ever get ironed out that way?

Getting Atheros AR5212 Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP

Already have an account? I can surf the net, I can download, I can use the local network – Everything goes! Im not to savvy with computer terms but I manage pretty well. It aatheros be hard to debug, which is why I was hoping you’d try a newer kernel 3.

ath5k – Debian Wiki

I think the problem is the ath5k stuff was never terribly well supported. Thanks for the assistance on this.

A little slow at times but it works. I never thought about thoseā€¦.

Or for persons that are insisting on somthing that does not exist there is a better chance Atheros might This file contains the a5r212/ar5213 of kernel modules that should be loaded at boot time, one per line. I did swap out the card. Andreas Moog ampelbein on I had tried several drivers already ar5212//ar5213 with the same result and I was about to give up.


It’s not just code, it’s hardware and software. Also will check the dd-wrt forum. I have attempted to update to Atherps kernel by doing the following: Atheros AR5B97 driver not letting me ar5212/ar513 to wireless Jun 20, Another thing, once i put the drivers in, and bootup, do I wait till it fully boots up then put the card in? I asked on NovaLug list first, since I had trouble posting to this list, and someone pointed out the ath5k driver.

Knowing only what I’ve read and tried and not having a lot of technical background re: I opened its Properties window from its context menu, went into the Driver tab, and clicked Update Driver