Still nothing about that? Exactly, that is what i was trying to point out in my post above. However, I do have a problem. I just noticed today that there is a newer BIOS out for the board – “”. Same here with my X Deluxe motherboard. Same errors here folks , can’t add anything to what’s been said except asus should fix this pronto – its not fair when so many user are spending hours trying to solve these issues think of the man-hours gone into this – its frightening More errors occur with AISuite Installed Iusing BIOS , Ranger VII Motherboard, Win 8. I haven’t found anything that can get rid of it.

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ASUS statement from late January.

Reboot into Windows after the crash and turn off Driver Verifier by going back in and selecting “Delete existing settings” on the first page, then locate and zip up the memory dump file and have it analyzed on a Forum by someone who can determine the problem. AMD A dual core processor.

[SOLVED] Windows update can’t install ATK ACPI [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Tuesday, November 15, 6: I haven’t found anything that can get rid of it. Also Asus AI suite works. The missing this driver seems harmless as best as I can tell. The problem is in the MBO cuz it trys to load PnP Plug and Play for that device but few seconds after it loads fine and there is no problem.


After uninstallrestart PC and go safe mode and use cleaner.

Based on your explanation I tried to change the Windows Driver Foundation – User-Mode Driver Framework service to automatic start rather than manual trigger start in services.

Might have to RMA my board and swap for another manufacturer. So, I deleted everything from my original AI Suite 3 install.

It is time to Verify your drivers. I don’t want to upgrade bios if it’s unnecessary, maybe some of you guys already tried?


I’m thinking it may be Nvidia drivers at this point because one of the few remaining events in the log when this happens is a Event ID 14 description cannot be found for source nvlddmkm, but I don’t know. Try running a boot trace with Xperf to track down what’s causing it. Hi TheEagle Well insstall doesn’t cause me to slow boot, my boot times are about as you say secs.

RMA is pain, because I will be without pc for one month and I dont have any other computer to work on Friday, November 18, As I previously mentioned, it is possible that the AMDA previously isn’t installed correctly, then the system couldn’t normally apply it which caused the error. I think I’m having a similar issue.

Ran Windows Update and they all installed. I’m not running AI Suite so if that opens up some solution, I’d be fine with that. I bought my Motherboard from Asus in Taiwan. Latest bios and drivers. Basically there is no way for an end user to fix the WUDFRd error at the moment so we just have to put up with it until Microsoft decides to fix it. Now before this I saw no suute in device manager, all devices look OK.


For sound I had to put my front panel sound to AC97 mode in the drivers, as HD output wouldn’t detect my headphones. Also check at the same time: After I noticed the cpu usage from the System process, I opened its properties in Process Explorer and seen it was caused by acpi. A lot of people are getting this error message. Ok Sparax, There are many things that can cause your issue and some have been ruled out. Hi Steven, thanks for dropping in. Similar help and support threads.

Tuesday, November 15, 2: Server execution failed, ProgID: Will have to see if those hard freezes, bsods and random reboots occur or not.