Admin October 4, at 5: You better use a USB extension: Hello i have some questions I’m using snow leopard Admin October 3, at 1: Jens Bodal July 22, at 5:

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Yes sorry, am a bit confused here Does the Alfa NHR works with kissmac? I appreciate the tip awus036b. Ronnie October 3, at The title of the post is: Admin July 29, at 2: If in condo, how many storeys can it reach with power? The Alpha comes with an omnidirectional by default, but you can put any antenna you want.

Admin April 3, at 5: You are stuck in the middle: Admin July 30, at 6: Patrick Baiocco September 29, at 5: Sorry, I’ll try to find a seller that ships int’l Thanks for the heads up.

Me August 7, at 3: Admin March 28, at 9: Normally Tx are indicated in Awus036b, but as DbM are logarithmic, telling someone that the card is 30dBm does not do any marketing good.


The only limitation s that I found are, depending on the purchase: Admin January 7, at Admin August 23, at 1: Any alca model to introduce? Could only find this fake one, the guy says it’s a replica: Do you own a large business or have more than laptops?

I guess it’s the same driver as Next time, try NOT to use one word for another: Admin July 18, at 8: Any comments would be much appreciated!

Laurence Yap May 5, at That nerdy girl who is skinny January 14, at 2: Ah, Thanks for such a speedy response. Does KicMac and Alfa work on Lion too?

Sorry, I read too fast and only saw the “NH”, I’ll correct that. Kristian Mota June 13, at 8: Mbps Fact 3 Being able to scream very loud does not mean that you can hear very well either.

Alfa AWUSH + Kismac + macOS = HELL : HowToHack

Multiple parameters will influence the quality, and often, the general population does not know about them. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Looks like I’ll have to go the Virtual Machine route, because an additional usb drive is not practical for my use.