Pick your modes, pick your order, select memory or no memory, tons of options. How many extra chips can be stacked on it? But what if he eats the whole bag? Nice work does not say what you have done justice. This is what happens when PilotPTK has more than 20 minutes of spare time When’s it going to be available? Running light on quads or triples for example?

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Budget light hobby proudly sponsored by my Mastercard and unknowingly paid for by a hard working wife.

You are amc7153 driver god to whip this baby up in short order! As it is now, I doubt that would work as that would require a ton of extra output pads, but I imagine with some careful soldering that could be done.

How many extra chips can be stacked on it? How bright is bright enough When the price isn’t mentioned, I always assume the worst Skip to main content.


The World’s Most Advanced AMC7135 * 8 Driver

It’s got a micro USB Connector on it. Trumps the XM-L2 hands down. There is always some soldering involved. So, what is it? Please do not expect a response from me quickly. In for a aamc7135

I am currently extremely busy with work. And yes, it will be available for purchase to people in the BLF community. Depending on the price, of course. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me. What makes it so awesome? The only way it could be better is to make an optional version that works with an electronic switch.

The World’s Most Advanced AMC * 8 Driver |

You are certainly one clever bugger. When’s it going to be available? I have a bit more to tweak on the software. Nice work does not say what you mac7135 done justice. Getting Microcontrollers to communicate natively via USB is an exercise for a masochist, I might add: You might want to make it a smidge over 17mm so it can be used in press-fit aluminum bodies.


Put me down for one possibly more depending on the price! Programmable v buck driver?

Log in or register to post comments. I’m thinking of those guys that like to hod rod everything. That is a fantastic driver for almost every need. Create new account Request new password. Please put me down for some, likeof these. Once I’m closer to being ready to actually sell them, I’ll create another thread in the For Sale section. As soon as I’m sure the software is going to work without any hardware tweaks, I’ll order a bunch of circuit boards and parts.

PilotPTK you are my idol.