Webarchive template wayback links. Having AGP boards with all three types of memory, quick answer is possible. I guess it would not fit well. Still the compatibility is impressive. I will update this article later if it will be worth it. Views Read Edit View history. Little known brands are stigmatized with bad drivers expectations, but SiS certainly did not left without proper Direct3d support.

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The very first C1 revision features only one texture coordinate and blending stage and suffers from broken texture perspective correction and fails one advanced blending operation. SiS was abandoning other challenging products through the years, sold it’s fabs and today does not offer any key PC ahp logic anymore, despite buying back rest of XGI in On the internet was circulating information about the 2d engine being limited to 4MB of memory, but this seems to be true only for legacy VESA modes.

Incoming did not drop textures and Formula 1 could start, but look at the mess: Image quality issues are the same as with C1, but was memory management improved by AGP? Common bug is found in Grim Fandango, where wrong z occlusion makes characters hide behind some backgrounds.

SiS – Wikipedia

But drivers with low quality texturing by default were cheap and Xabres just did not have enough hooks to turn the tides. Texturing engine is flexible, handling rectangular shapes qgp to x and color formats from smallest palettes over mixed modes to 32 bit RGBA. Then there is a VLIW floating point primitive setup engine capable of triangle setup within 60 clocks. If only the OpenGL library did not end up with beta release Also alpha and scissored planes are tested at render output.


With it’s full triangle setup, texture cache and optionally beefy MPEG decoder, outperformed more famous budget chips like those from ATi and S3.

Vintage SIS 6326 AGP 8mb VGA PCI Video Card

Conclusion and decline of SiS in Windows worked to my satisfaction and with rather robust multimedia software, which was typically bundled with those cards it probably was good and cheap universal graphics card for people not demanding high gaming performance. Outside of Id world I tried Star Siege, again succesfully.

These should not be related to such filtering optimization. Vertex fog is properly blended with all surfaces. First review was done with AGP even if its release date is on the edge of my scope. Third the texturing likes to drop samples at further mip maps, but the amount of shimmering is within expectations 63226 the time.

Since the beta driver release code named Java with OpenGL ICD was buried in the depths of ago internet allow me to save the suffering of other geeks by providing the library here. Local memory management is problematic as well, games like Formula 1 or Motoracer 2 requiring minimum of four megabytes can reject the card- perhaps precious kilobytes allocated for Turbo Queue are to blame.


Driver SiS 6326 AGP

All of them are equipped with 8 MB of different memory type, memory bus width is casual 64 bit. Silicon Integrated Systems is a Taiwanese corporation founded in Well, there are few hopes: Back then all three cards in my possession were this version anyway.

The cards Since first revision featured strong idct mpegII decoder, as Miro is promoting here. Therefore, it is safe to say even cheapest cards with 50 MHz memory will outrun fastest Virge. From setup unit 32 bit data with 13 bit tags are sent at once to the rasterizer. SiS later doubled those stages, perhaps in C3 already.

At least packs all the basic features needed for proper rendering of 90’s 3d games.

To be crowned as king of budget few things were missing: It is just a bit of white shade ahp onto your screen. There is some hud corruption, but I am still surprised it works. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks to that I saw properly lighted Unreal which does not happen with last Windows 98 driver. Views Read Edit View history.